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LECTURE QUIZ 1 (1) Sucrose, our common table sugar, is made up of one molecule of glucose joined by a C 1 α - C 2 β glycosidic bond to one molecule of fructose. Which of the following properly describes sucrose? As a disaccharide (2) An amino acid contains both a carboxyl group and an amino group. When placed in water, It would function as both an acid and a base (3) How many different polypeptides, each composed of 9 amino acids, could be synthesized using the usual 20 amino acids? 20 to the 9 th power (4) The sum of pH and pOH in pure water is always 14 . LECTURE QUIZ 2 (1) Elemental analysis for maltose is C 12 H 22 O 11 (2) Which of the following would move most quickly through a lipid bilayer? CO 2 (3) Ribulose is a: ketopentose (4) A solution of weak acid with its pH = to its pKa. If enough buffer is added to neutralize 10% of the solution, what is the change in pH?
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Unformatted text preview: .18 higher LECTURE QUIZ 3 (1) Which of the following forms of energy is least available to accomplish cellular work? Thermal energy ( heat ) (2) Which of the following statements is a logical consequence of the second law of thermodynamics? Every chemical reaction must increase the total entropy of the universe (3) The fact that the outer membrane of the nuclear envelope has bound ribosomes allows one to most reliably conclude that nuclear pore complexes contain proteins (4) A cell whose cytoplasm has a concentration of 0.02 molar glucose is placed in a test tube of water containing 0.02 molar glucose. Assuming that glucose is not actively transported into the cell, which of the following terms describes the tonicity of the external solution relative to the cytoplasm of the cell? Isotonic...
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