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Communicating Science Chem100/Physics 100 Course Requirements & Due Dates 1. Attend class and actively participate in discussions (30%) 2. Teach 6 lessons in a local school with a partner (30%) 3. Develop a lesson of your own design with your partner: (10%) Prepare a brief description (one page or less) of the goal of the lesson along with a description of the activity you plan to do. Be sure to incorporate how you will use the learning cycle and questioning strategies. Due: March 14 We will provide feedback on the design of your lesson before you present this lesson to your elementary school class. Teach the lesson with your class of elementary students. • Present part of this lesson to the Communicating Science class on: April 17, April 24 or May 1 (15%) - You will have 20 minutes for the presentation (not enough time to do the whole lesson) - The main part of the presentation should be interactive (let us do part of the activity!)
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Unformatted text preview: -The presentation should demonstrate what you have learned about inquiry-based teaching 4. Create a short written assessment (1 question/prompt) to find out what your students have learned from your science lessons, give it to the students and write a reflective paper about their responses. Due: April 24 or May 1(15%) You will collect all the student responses to your prompt and evaluate whether they show understanding, partial understanding or no understanding. The paper will be an analysis of these results (3-5 pages, double-spaced, only one paper necessary per teaching team). In your paper, include the following questions: • What was the goal of your assessment? • What did you find out about student learning? What didn’t you find out? • After seeing the student responses, how would you modify the assessment or your teaching? • Please attach the student responses to your report....
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