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Communicating Science Week 3 Handout ©2006 by The Regents of the University of California Learning Cycle Explained Invitation Reflection Exploration Application Concept Invention Invitation —Initiates the learning task. Should make connections between past and present learning experiences, generate anticipation of content to be explored, and begin to focus/organize students’ thinking toward the learning outcomes of the upcoming activities. Teacher’s Goal: Create interest and generate curiosity. Raise questions and problems. Elicit responses that uncover students’ current knowledge about the concept/topic. Exploration —Involves open-ended exploration of real phenomena, followed by discussion about student discoveries, ideas, and questions that arise. Provides a common base of experiences for students to develop current concepts, skills and processes. Teacher’s Goal: Encourage students to work together without direct instruction from the teacher. Observe and listen to students as they interact. Ask probing questions to redirect students’ investigations
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