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©2009 by The Regents of the University of California Guidelines for Planning to Teach Define your role · What will be your role as a teacher? · What goals do you have for the children? (Process, content, inquiry skills, etc.) · How will you incorporate the learning cycle? · How will you help children to construct their own understanding? Choose strategies for classroom management · How will you get attention? (Use hand signals, turn off lights, clap, tap on shoulders, etc.) · How will you learn names? (Name tags, name games, etc.) · How do you want students to respond to your questions? (By raising hands, by calling out, with hand signals, by telling a neighbor, etc.) · How will you manage materials? (Discussion on rug, materials on trays, etc.) · How will you deal with discipline problems? (Wait for everyone's attention, stop until everyone is quiet, isolate a child who is causing problems, etc.) Plan the activity 1. Engaging the students Opportunity to get students interested. This is the invitation phase of the learning cycle. Ask questions to which there are many possible responses. Keep materials out of reach. Usually begin seated at a rug for K-3. Question: How many have. ...? (Acknowledge by saying "That's interesting," etc.) Question: Have you ever wondered if. ..? (Acknowledge responses with a nod, or
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Planning_GuideforTeaching - Guidelines for Planning to...

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