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Communicating Science © 2006 Regents of the University of California 1 Effective assessments are indistinguishable from good teaching and serve as learning activities for students. Examples of Assessment Strategies: * Science Journal Writing —Describe an investigation or experiment that you did. Communicate about questions asked, planning for investigation, data collection, results or conclusions. Allows students to use communication skills to relate knowledge about science and what they’ve discovered. Provides insights into students’ thinking and thought processes. Good writers are not necessarily good test takers. * Letter Writing— Write a letter to a forensic scientist explaining your technique for taking fingerprints. Helps to articulate steps in doing an activity, an experiment, or solving a problem. Students can raise issues and describe reasoning. Letters and persuasive writing have been central to the communication process of math and science. * Advertisements —Create an advertisement comparing products after doing consumer-testing experiments. Using scientific results to convince others, persuasive writing. Incorporates societal aspect of doing science.
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Types+of+assessment+strategies - Communicatin g Science...

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