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Applying Psych to Yourself Paper - Butler 1 Karly Butler...

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Butler 1 Karly Butler Dr. Lewandowski Applying Psychology to Yourself 10 December 2008 From the Classroom to the Real World When I was a junior picking out classes for next year, I was excited to see that Psychology was one of my choices. I signed up for it right away and I enjoyed a wonderfully taught psychology class my senior year. Fast forward a few months to Monmouth University Freshman Orientation. I am sitting with my advisor looking at the classes that are available to me. As I scan the list, a certain class catches my eye. “I want this one!” I exclaim with such glee that my advisor gives me a strange look. “All right,” she said, “welcome to Into to Psych.” One of the reasons why I was interested in taking an introduction to psychology class was that my major required it. As an Elementary Education major, I have to take specific psychology classes. This introductory psychology class is just the beginning of my somewhat long psychology career at Monmouth University. Not that I am complaining or anything, I love psychology! I am actually looking forward to taking Educational Psychology and studying Child Development. Psychology will play a huge role in my career as a teacher. For example, my Educational Psychology and Child Development classes will teach me how children tend to learn things best. I will be given all sorts of tips and techniques that I can take from my classes here at Monmouth University and apply them to my own classroom! I can also apply what I learned from Intro to Psychology to my own life. I feel that psychology is a very useful class to take because you can actually apply what you learn in class to your everyday activities. Every concept that was taught in this class could be related to my
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Butler 2 own life and I could also apply it to my friends and family. Introduction to Psychology gave me the very tools I need to Psycho-analyze my friends and family! Just kidding! But this class did explain why my friends and family acted the way they did and also explained why exhibited certain types of behavior in my life. In fact, four theories/concepts that I learned in this class
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Applying Psych to Yourself Paper - Butler 1 Karly Butler...

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