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Butler, 1 Karly Butler Professor Swanson EN 101-H3/Essay 1 4 September 2008 The Voice of the Author The time period in which the author writes his work influences his voice. That is, the authors of the past have a very different voice than the authors of the present. When it comes to reading the works of the authors past and present, authors that wrote during the later time periods tend to have a better “voice” than those in the earlier time period. The comparison of Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and the Stephanie Plum novels written by Janet Evanovich shows the superiority of present authors’ development of characters, actual telling of the story, and usage of language. For all of these components have a hand in contributing to the author’s overall voice. These novels written by Conrad and Evanovich are both of the adventure genre of literature. Conrad’s novel is about a man’s journey into the heart of Africa and Evanovich’s novels are about a bounty hunter’s wacky escapades. While both plots sound promising, Evanovich’s voice makes her novels better than Conrad’s Heart of Darkness . First of all the way that Evanovich introduces and portrays her characters makes her characters more personable to the reader than the characters found in Conrad’s novel. Both novels are written in first person,
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Author's Voice Paper - Butler 1 Karly Butler Professor...

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