Essay 2 Revision - Molly McMahon Professor Swanson EN101-H3...

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Molly McMahon McMahon 1 Professor Swanson EN101-H3/ Essay 2 Revision 8 December 2008 The Unexpected Arrival This entire day has been full of surprises! I cannot believe this. I have never been so filled with joy and excitement before! It is amazing how such a terrible morning can transform into the best day ever! It began just like this… Oh no! It’s 9:00! I slept through my alarm again. This is the second time this week, and it’s only Tuesday! My bus is going to be here in ten minutes! Quick, what to wear? Uhhh, purple shirt, black pants, okay: perfect! “Bye Mom, love you!” I was halfway out the door when she interrupted me with a firm, “Molly, did you even brush your teeth?” Oh man, I thought to myself, my teeth: I’ve gotta brush my teeth! Okay: toothbrush, check; toothpaste, check- scrub, brush, scrub, brush, rinse, spit, “ahh”- done! “They’re brushed now! By Mom (again). I love you!” Racing like a colt fresh out of the starting gate, scenery blurred in my peripheral, backpack slamming like a ton of bricks against my side with every stride, I headed up the block. Fortunately, I did not miss the bus this time. I knew I was in the clear when I saw Jorge Vargas’s untamed fro still at the stop. “I made it!” I shouted out loud. Jorge, too fly to turn his head, shifted his eyes, raised his brow, and protruded his lips, but never said one word. I had about thirty seconds to catch my breath and gain some composure before that
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engine came clanking around the corner. I could still feel my heart pounding in my McMahon 2 eardrum as the screeching of the school bus doors announced my entrance. After such a hectic morning, I had hoped that the rest of the day would be a little less
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Essay 2 Revision - Molly McMahon Professor Swanson EN101-H3...

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