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-1Molly McMahon “Decisions, Decisions” Tom Bingham 3. What did you have to do in the study, after you signed your “informed consent”? After signing the informed consent, the test proctor distributed a packet to each participant. In this packet there were various activities. The first activity was to read a scenario. This scenario was about a young man who attempts to talk to his girl friend regarding the way they spend their time together. He politely and calmly begins to explain that he often feels as though she never takes into consideration anything that he would like to do. He tells her that this is unsettling because she makes him feel… In mid-sentence, she interrupted him, defending her demanding and inconsiderate behavior. She sternly (not yelling) tells him that he never speaks up and that it is his fault, not hers, why he feels this way. At this point, the boyfriend just gave up, giving into his girlfriend yet again, and this time, he was quite upset. After reading this scenario, participants were then asked to complete a series of questions about it. These
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SONA RePORT - -1Molly McMahon Decisions Decisions Tom...

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