Western Civ Hw 2.17.09

Western Civ Hw 2.17.09 - -1Molly McMahon McMahon 1 Dr....

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-1Molly McMahon McMahon 1 Dr. Waters HS102 Tues 7:25-10:00 February 17, 2009 Industrial Revolution Group D 1. Enclosure was the enclosing of the individual shares of pastures as a way of farming more effectively. “The division of the heavy legal and surveying costs of enclosure among the landowners meant that many peasants who had small holdings had to sell out to pay their share of expenses. Similarly landless cottagers lost their age-old access to common pasture, but received no compensation.” (McKay 646) Through this elimination of common rights and reduction of the access of poor men and women to the land, the 18 th century enclosure movement marked the completion of two major historical developments in England: the rise of market-oriented estate agriculture and the emergence of a landless proletariat. In other words, the enclosure led to the “proletarian-ization” of England, leaving those landless peasants totally dependent on cash wages. Thus, the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.
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Western Civ Hw 2.17.09 - -1Molly McMahon McMahon 1 Dr....

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