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AMERICA GETS A SECOND CHANCE It is frightening to say that in a recent BBC worldwide poll of which countries made the most negative contributions to world affairs, the US ranked third, just under Israel and Iran. In the passed eight years, under the unilateral leadership of President Bush, America has become polarized, discredited morally, weakened politically, overstretched militarily, and we have plunged into an economic crisis. The election of Sen. Barack Obama as 44 th president of the United States has given America the second chance that it needs to regain its standing in the world and address some of its crucial issues, namely making our capitalistic system, again, credible and trustworthy. Indeed after Tuesday’s election, it appears that Barack Obama understands what is essentially new about the 21
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Unformatted text preview: st century and has the ability to relate to the challenges and dilemmas that we face in this current age. For the first time in history, Iranian leader, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad congratulated the new President-elect. Saeed Leilaz, an independent analyst in Tehran, said that he believes “Obama’s victory will weaken radicalism in Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, and North Korea.” Unfortunately, I- along with many others I presume- am convinced that Sen. McCain is rooted in the preceding century mind-set of the Vietnam-era radicals of “not being dishonored and defeated” in a foreign war. Barack Obama may “lack the experience of John McCain,” but the 1945 Commander-In-Chief, Harry Truman, also was referred to as a “novice,” and look how well his presidency turned out....
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