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anthro 4455 portfolio 2 assignment 2 - Exercise 4 1 These...

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Exercise 4 1. These influences guide my personal and professional decisions: Enjoy yourself. Despite what it is one may choose to work at for his/her life, it is vital that one loves what he/she does. I feel like so many people are just motivated by money, especially in the health care world. It is really sad to hear someone say that they want to be, for example say, an anesthesiologist, because the starting salary for one is about $200,000 a year. That’s great, but the fact that peoples’ lives will be in your hands and your motivator is money- not too good. Most careers that earn great salaries require a lot of dedication, time, and energy, not only to work, but to get there as well. With money as your motivator, you will soon become bored and miserable. You only live one life so why not do something that you will never grow tired of, even if the money is just okay ? Go “all out.” Whatever it is that one may choose to do in his/her life, it cannot be stressed enough to “take it to the limit” and be the best at what he/she does. Don’t aim low. If you aim really high, even if you do not quite get there, you still will go very far. I feel that everyone has the potential to make differences in other peoples’ lives, in any career they may choose; so why not take advantage of it? Be proud of what you do, and love it! 2. I value most: A good work ethic as well as compassion. To see a person that takes his/her career seriously is very inspiring, but it’s even more motivational to see a person that is
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anthro 4455 portfolio 2 assignment 2 - Exercise 4 1 These...

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