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IT forum 10 - with primitive Office therefore appearing it...

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Molly McMahon McMahon 1 Professor Santamaria IT101-15HY 16 November 2008 Forum 10 1. Alternatives to Office in the marketplace are Corel’s WordPerfect Suite, IBM Workplace, Apple iWork, Google Spreadsheet, ajax Write, and the free OpenOffice program . Market share for Office is $399.00. Office’s toughest competition thus far is older versions of Office because 50% of Office users use the program which is 2 generations lower than the one currently released as new. 2. OpenOffice is described as a clone of Office because it word processor and spreadsheet are readable in both application. I would consider the weakness of adopting OpenOffice as opposed to Microsoft’s Office is that it’s still a knock-off, and does not contain all of the benefits. This might change because of the creation of Open Document Format by the International Organization for Standardization that can read any application in either format. 3. Government is encouraging competition against Office in the market by issuing computers
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Unformatted text preview: with primitive Office therefore appearing it to be backwards compared to other applications such as Ajax13 Inc. . Microsoft is fighting back by creating more upgraded versions .Government does have the right to act in a way that influences competition because it is what they can afford to do. McMahon 2 4. I do think that Microsoft will move to online application only because it has to keep up with its competition. This will harm Office because it will potentially knock it out of the park, unless it is added to Office itself. The younger users are really not at a risk because they will have access to such upgraded software before we ever did. 5. I do agree with those that believe that Office may become integrated as a part of other programs only because Microsoft is compelled to keep up with the pace of its competition, such as Ajax 13 Inc. or Apple’s iWork....
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IT forum 10 - with primitive Office therefore appearing it...

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