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Dracula Criticism

Dracula Criticism - However this was anything but limiting...

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-1Molly McMahon McMahon 1 Dr. Azcuy Honors Seminar 3 December 2008 “Dracula” is Bloody Good Fun The King of Horror, Dracula recently came to visit to Monmouth University and made quite an impression on the students and faculty here. Monmouth’s “The Passion of Dracula” was undoubtedly, the best “Dracula” play in comparison to other “Dracula” inspired plays that I have seen. The play had the ideal combination of all of the aspects of any great classic horror: terror, romance, suspense, and a hint of comedy. This play took the audience back in time to England during the early 1900’s and into Dr. Cedric Seward’s study. In fact, the entire play took place here, and the scenery did not change.
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Unformatted text preview: However, this was anything but limiting: everything appeared so real! Even the food and drinks that the actors indulged in seemed realistic. From the blood to the food to the spooky sound effects, this play was absolutely amazing! All of the characters were so loveable and the chemistry amongst all the actors was exhilarating! In the end, “Dracula” had an interesting message to convey to all: the power of love is more powerful than the love of power, and can overcome anything- even a vampire bite! Perhaps something that we can apply to our own lives- well, omit the vampire-bite part. This was by far the most entertaining play I have seen. It was simply perfect!...
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