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Essay 4 - Molly McMahon Professor Swanson EN101-H3/ Essay 4...

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Molly McMahon McMahon 1 Professor Swanson EN101-H3/ Essay 4 8 December 2008 The Beauty of the Sick, Twisted World That We Just Hate To Face What is perfect? By what standards do we judge others to categorize them as dysfunctional or happy? Who are we to say that the bum living on the streets of New York City is clearly unhappy, but the stressed-out, over-worked stockbroker making millions is? The answer is quite depressing in that we are living in a world in which happiness is defined by materialistic items and wealth. The fact is, happiness has absolutely zero to do with any such things. We only acquire them as a coping mechanism to compensate for our lack of happiness and our inabilities to face the sad, hurtful, and pathetic realities that we call our lives. People assume that if they live in an oversized mansion, drive a Maybach, and have a prestigious, solid career then they must be happy. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Beauty is found within happiness, but having a lot of really nice stuff does not make people happy. All it means is that they are diluting themselves with lies and living a life of ignorance and deceit. People are ignorant to the fact that they deceive themselves into believing their lies that they are happy: how incredibly pitiful. Have no fear, there is still hope. If people learn to embrace their lives for what they are and change the things that they try so very hard to avoid, then they will discover the beauty of their lives and in doing so, will find happiness. What they will also learn is that this beauty has always existed; they just never took the time to notice it.
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Essay 4 - Molly McMahon Professor Swanson EN101-H3/ Essay 4...

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