History Monday June 22nd 09

History Monday June 22nd 09 - The Market Revolution...

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Erie Canal Lowell, Massachusetts Charles Finney Moral Suasion American Temperance Society 1. Transportation Revolution 2. Industrial Revolution 3. Second Great Awakening 4. Alcoholic Republic The problem with Erie Canal is that 4 to 5 months of the year this canal is frozen,which means nothing will be shipped out of it.To get over this problem in the beginning of the 1840s the development of railroads starts.The railroads are very very expensive but when you have railroads and canals you get scheduals.Now everyone is pulled into this market. Now when you know when these stuff are gonna come each region is going to specialize in one product.Lets say you live in the upper south (VA NC) main thing growed is tobacco;deep south is rice & indigo in addition to cotton.If you’re in the great lakes region you grow wheat or corn as well as some domestic animals.The NewEngland area a shift from the agricultural prodution to dairy production since the soil is not as good. NewEngland becomes the key play for an Industrial Revolution in the country.For a start the crops do not grow as well;the north has fast moving rivers which generates power;lots of banks which means lots of money which will be invested in the factories. A very high popultion (potential workers) are in the north as well. The main industry was the textile manufacturing cotton (from the south) is introduced to the factories to manufacture cotton clothes.In the 1830s these NewEngland factories put all the stages you need to reach the cotton clothes under the same roof.The most important community was in Lowell MA everyone wanted to be like that factory town.In Lowell which is a factory town had the factories and the dorms where workers live in;cafeterias; factory stores ; factory church. .a worker do everything in Lowell.By 1836 Lowell MA has 17 K inhabitants where everybody has something to do with the factory in one way or another.The factory owners wanted to hire young
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History Monday June 22nd 09 - The Market Revolution...

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