SigProc - i(1)= N/2 1-find(lam>=200,1 i(2)= N/2...

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Bioengineering Signal Processing Lab 8 function [fs, freq, pix_num]= imFreq(pixels,len,filename) fs =pixels/(len+len/2); %length/pixel freq=0;pix_num=0; %% 2 data = imread(filename,'jpg'); data = rgb2gray(data); N= length(data); DATA = fft2(data); DATAs = fftshift(DATA); m = -N/2:N/2-1; %center frequency at 0 DATAs =abs(DATAs); figure; freq = m.*fs./N; f=freq; max(f) imagesc(f,f,log10(DATAs)), axis xy title('Magnitude Plot for Cornea Electron Micrograph') xlabel('Frequency (pixels per nm)') ylabel('Frequency (pixels per nm)') %% 3 wavlen= [200 400 700]; % nm 200*1 lam = abs(1./f);
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Unformatted text preview: i(1)= N/2+1-find(lam>=200,1); i(2)= N/2+1-find(lam>=400,1); i(3)= N/2+1-find(lam>=700,1); pix_num =i; % freq = 1./wavlen; % area = pi*freq.^2; % pix_num = pi*freq.^2; % pix_num = %% %%4 integCirc function en = integCirc(r1,r2) sum=0; for i=-N/2:N/2+1 for j=-N/2:N/2+1 if (i^2+j^2)^0.5>r1 && (i^2+j^2)^0.5>=r2 sum=sum+DATAs(i+N/2+1,j+N/2+1); end end end %volume total totalVol=0; for i=-N/2:N/2-1 % for bound frequencies for j=-N/2+i(2):N/2-i(1) totalVol=totalVol+DATAs(i+N/2+1,j+N/2+1); end end en = sum./totalVol; end end...
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SigProc - i(1)= N/2 1-find(lam>=200,1 i(2)= N/2...

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