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FinalEquations - K i P cl Cl o Fick’s Law Rate of...

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Hill Equation F = F 0 /(1+10 n(pCa50-pCa) ) *** n = Michaelis Menten dP/dt = V m (S)/(K m +S) Nernst Potential E ion = RT/zF*ln(out/in) HGK E m = P Na Na o +P K K o +P cl Cl i RT *ln( ------------------------------------------- ) F P Na Na i +P k K
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Unformatted text preview: K i + P cl Cl o Fick’s Law Rate of Diffusion = S.A.*Concentration Gradient*Ion Permeability/ (Membrane Thickness) Pouiseiulle’s Law R = 8nL/πr 4 Q = πr 4 ΔP/8nL...
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