A day without Internet

A day without Internet - did was go down to the river and...

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Melanie Larson Reading 100 Young 9/24/2008 A Day Without Internet For my experience over this weekend, I decided to give up on internet for a day, because it is the number one source I rely on to the most for anything. Not only was I bored, but I became worried because I couldn’t remember what time I had to work. Even though I forget when I have to work sometimes, I never bother to write the dates down. I do this because if I forget usually, my email is one click away and my worries vanish. Well I was scared I had to work, I really wanted to be true to this process, so what I did was call into my work and ask. Fortunately I didn’t have to work after all. So instead of spending part of my usual day on the internet, what I
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Unformatted text preview: did was go down to the river and draw, then after that I had came home and called my friends and enjoyed my evening. Now I feel if we were to get rid of every source of technology, it would be much harder to do, especially in our demanding world today. I also feel like without technology our brains would want to be more creative, so it could be quite possible if we had little or no technology we would have a lot more successful inventors, artists, and musicians. So my overall feeling of this entire process was that if we rely on one source of technology for everything and then if one day it were to be gone, we would just rely on a second source of technology and start to become dependent on that....
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