Achieving the Victory

Achieving the Victory - Darkness. Your scent is putrid. You...

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Melanie Larson ENGL 115 Poetic Imagery Achieving the Victory You were supposed to be an ultimate achievement Then you turn around and stab me in the heart After I brought you into this world Breathing, living. Minuscule, dreadful, disgusting, empty color. Feeding from my veins a damage so permanent. Why do you insult me, your eyes undeveloped,
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Unformatted text preview: Darkness. Your scent is putrid. You disrupt Silence with monstrous shouting. Slimy! Frightening tangled want! Starving growl! Tiny boy. Why must I care for you? You ultimate victory is reached. How have I lost? *A re-telling of Anne Stevensons The Victory....
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