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Autobiographical Summary - flashback to my first moment on...

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Melanie Larson English 101 Autobiographical Narrative Summary In my narrative I begin with a descriptive introduction of my first ever dance performance as a young ballerina. I thoroughly depict all of the senses I am experiencing as an adolescent dancer in the opening paragraph, continuing on until I end the opening with a laughing audience with good intentions. Subsequently, I open my next scene with a descriptive characterization of myself, almost illustrating my first ever point solo on stage. Again, describing all of my senses to portray a good realization of the setting for my readers, but this time I
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Unformatted text preview: flashback to my first moment on stage and contrast my feelings between my first performance with my first ballet solo. Ultimately I’m building up the story to describe how those first moments on stage are some of the most important times as a performer to overcome fears and basically show how it takes experience to become a good dancer. I then conclude my narrative almost exactly the same way I opened, finishing off a well-rounded feel....
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