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bio assignment 2 - understand the need for recycling and...

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Larson, Melanie Section 13 February 4, 2010 Kiran Sapkota Assignment 2-Statement of Implications 1. According to, “Recycling is t one of the best ways for you to have a positive impact on the world in which we live.” This would be an understandable reason for scientist to do further research if it is improving the lives of humans. 2. This research is important to save the preservation of the earth. If we further research in recycling we could find better ways of recycling, and ways to make everybody recycle. 3. I’m sure a lot of BIOL 101L students have recycled before, but not many have researched recycling. As students, researching recycling can help us better
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Unformatted text preview: understand the need for recycling and its ultimate importance for the environment. As a team, a research project could be developed where female college students vs. male college students. Then separate bins would be labeled for people to recycle in. (females only or males only). Then we would further analyze the amount of recycled material in each bin to see what percentage of gender of college students recycles more. This project would work well because everyone that is a college student on campus can participate. Reference The Guides Network (2008) Recycling-Importance. Retrieved from ( )...
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bio assignment 2 - understand the need for recycling and...

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