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Dance Midterm - MelanieLarson 1 Dance105/English101...

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Melanie Larson               Larson  1 Dance 105/English 101 Jennifer Predock Deborah Weagel 14 October 2008 Dual Focus When it comes to dual focus, some musicals tend to use it more throughout a film than others do but it is simply apparent it is always used. Dual focus can be used in many ways, whether to provide a comic relief or to just show diversity within a film, it ultimately grabs a viewer’s attention during a film to keep an ongoing interest. It can be portrayed through visual appearance, personalities or even non-living objects. Good vs. Evil, Cowboys vs. Farmers Prosperity vs. Poverty, Want vs. No Want; these are few of many clashing oppositions in the folk musical Oklahoma. A main example of dual focus in the folk musical Oklahoma would be regarding two characters, Jud and Curly. The character Jud Fry was a local farm hand that had an overwhelming depressing emotion and was quite lonely, not only relationship wise but he was an outsider within the small community as well. He appeared to suffer from extreme jealousy and wasn’t the friendliest person within the plot. He was shy and very contained but implied a sense
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Dance Midterm - MelanieLarson 1 Dance105/English101...

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