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digital divide - Living in the US I'm sure not everybody...

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As defined on page 619 of the Beekman text book;The digital divide is the difference between people who have access to internet and people who don't. I was thinking and I'm not quite sure who doesn't have access to internet but I think most countries are privileged enough to acquire some sort of internet access. I would say underdeveloped countries or certain communities around the world wouldn't have internet, which is quite unfortunate. Honestly, I couldn't imagine my life without internet and if I lived in a community without computers or phones I'm sure we would have to be living a very nomadic lifestyle.
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Unformatted text preview: Living in the US, I'm sure not everybody has internet access at their house but so many libraries and schools across the country provide internet resources so anybody can use them. Technology is constantly growing, as well as the population. There will always be homeless people no matter what and though technology will grow through the years the digital divide gap will only decrease by minimal amounts, I'm sure. I don't know how it could be resolved unless some super technology was created where internet would be embedded in every persons body on the entire planet....
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