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generational values

generational values - own style We just feed off of styles...

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Melanie Larson My Generation and Values My generation is very technology based. We rely on every piece of technology to do everything for us and we can’t do anything for ourselves. We also tend to blame everything on technology too. If we can’t turn in an assignment it is because our computer crashed, so therefore it is the computers fault and not our own. We get lost in our cell phones and don’t even take the time to call people, we would rather text them because it’s easier. Also technology is being used for more fun uses than for purposeful ones. Instead of finding a cure for cancer we come out with the next super touch phone. Too many people now are obsessed with media and trying to look like that photoshopped picture, when in reality they just look like a fool. Nobody in our world is unique today with their
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Unformatted text preview: own style. We just feed off of styles from different generations to pretend like we are unique when we really aren’t. Also obesity is growing and people don’t care because that’s “who they are” but being 200 pounds overweight is not acceptable, laziness is obvious all around us. As a child I was taught I could believe in whatever I want. I was never told to go to church, I was never told to believe in god. These are things I had to decide for myself. I decided to believe in god and I decided what religion I wanted to belong to. I feel I am extremely lucky because most parents like to choose what their child should believe, when mine let me do it on my own. I am extremely thankful for that....
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