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How to reduce forgetting - forgetting such as self...

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Melanie Larson Reading 100 Young 9/24/2008 How to Reduce Forgetting Summary In “How to reduce forgetting” (Psychology, 2005), author Charles Morris discusses steps towards improving memorization skills, Morris explains that as we age, most people believe our memory reduces, but based on particular studies he describes with age, people develop a better memory than what they believe. Morris then follows through with ten helpful tips for not
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Unformatted text preview: forgetting such as self motivation, confidence, focusing imagery, and personal experience. With these steps he clarifies how human memory is less than perfect but every strategy will help improve it. Morris also discusses how forgetting is not always bad because sometimes it is better to forget our mistakes. Lastly, he follows through with the SQ3R method, a simple approach towards learning more effectively...
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