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miss emily eap version

miss emily eap version - Painfully waiting and the smell oh...

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Painfully waiting and the smell, oh the smell! - An impossible smell of deterioration and decay. Why will you assume I am not sane? I say, it was only a favor. How, then, am I insane? I am not! My contribution was for the better. Now I can assure you it was. The story is clear as my sanity is present. Oh Miss Emily, I catered to her every need. She was kind yet miserable. Loving but not loved. Except for me, I loved the woman but her actions were quite strange. So strange I could barely speak with her. My voice left unused, my eyes left wandering, observing. But the smell-yes the smell! The pungent smell infecting my mind, why wouldn’t they notice? But of course I couldn’t leave; she would murder me-murder I say! I could never say a word, I knew all too well. She deserved better than spending her life in a cage. My mind was inflamed with the lingering smell, it was the only way. I must dispose of the woman before she rids me, thus I free myself of the smell forever.
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