Sociology Paper 09

Sociology Paper 09 - Melanie Larson Cynthia Pelak Soc 110...

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Melanie Larson Cynthia Pelak Soc 110 23 November 2009 Invisible Innocence Historically, the death penalty has been applied to violent criminals in murderous and irresolute ways. In today’s society with such advancement in technology, will there ever be a way to make existing capital punishment furthermore eliminated? The Eight Amendment ultimately denies the process of cruel and unusual punishment. There is no reason for the death penalty to be ignored by the constitution because methods of execution today, are just as murderous and brutal as the crimes being committed. Though methods of punishment have improved significantly over hundreds of years, the existing penalties are just as harsh as what has been used previously. Presently, the existing punishments include; lethal injection, the gas chamber and a firing squad. Previously other methods included the electric chair and hanging. If these methods were found to be cruel and unusual, courts should take that into consideration that all methods are cruel and unusual, as courts are actually committing a crime in itself. When the execution calls for a firing squad, the firing squads will line up and shoot the convict to death. This is one of the most immoral and disturbing ways someone can be executed. It is really disgusting and shameful courts actually approve this form of execution. This
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Sociology Paper 09 - Melanie Larson Cynthia Pelak Soc 110...

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