Global warming - Since the birth of our planet it has...

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Since the birth of our planet it has experienced global cooling and warming cycles throughout time as part of its natural process. But never in the history of the earth, has earth heated up so drastically and no one else to blame than us. From the beginning of reign of humankind on earth the climate has been very favorable to us. We have not only been able to adapt to the different types of climate of earth’s regions but also managed to control the conditions of the environment proficiently; we realized we have power beyond the limitations of human capabilities. Although we are directly responsible for the concurrent natural incidents occurring on earth, some are skeptical about global warming and blatantly deny the theory of global climate change. One of them is ExxonMobil who has a monopoly on oil and gas industry they use propaganda to manipulate the idea of global warming. “At a minimum, there’s an enormous amount of uncertainty around this whole question [of global warming].” – ExxonMobil CEO Rex Tillerson, 2006. (15) Global warming is an average increase in the Earth's temperature, which in turn causes changes in earth’s climate. In order to simplify what cause of global warming first I need to explain greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are the gases trapped in Earth’s atmosphere that acts as a semi-permeable layer above the surface if earth which absorbs and reflect radiation. When electromagnetic radiation given off by the sun or sunlight reaches Earth it is filtered by the atmosphere; the atmosphere reflects some of the radiation so the surface is not directly affected by the heat; the radiation that makes it through the layer heats up the climate hits the earth’s surface then bounces back through the atmosphere back into space. It keeps the planet from freezing maintaining a stable temperature; when excessive amount of these gases released they add onto the layer of
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gases already present in the atmosphere and thicken it, so the radiation that makes it to the earth’s surface bounce back most of it cannot leave earth since the atmosphere is thicker now, it retents the radiation thus increasing the temperature of earth more than it is
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Global warming - Since the birth of our planet it has...

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