Lect00-intro - CS 594 007 Wednesdays 1:30 4:30 CS 594 007...

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1 CS 594 – 007 Scientific Computing for Engineers Web page for the course: http://www.cs.utk.edu/~dongarra/WEB-PAGES/cs594-2010.htm 2 CS 594 – 007 Wednesday’s 1:30 – 4:30 Scientific Computing for Engineers Spring 2010 - 3 credits Jack Dongarra with help from: » George Bosilca » Heike Jagode » Jakub Kurzak » Stan Tomov Class will meet in Room C-233, Claxton Building 3 To Get Hold of Us Email: dongarra@cs.utk.edu Room: 413, Claxton Phone: 974-8295 Office hours: Wednesday 11:00 - 1:00, or by appointment TA: Rm, Claxton Complex, 974- OH: Wednesday’s 10am-12am or by request 4 Four Major Aspects Of The Course: 1. Start with current trends in high-end computing systems and environments, and continue with a practical short description on parallel programming with MPI, OpenMP, and pthreads. Put together a cluster and experiment. 2. Deal with numerical linear algebra solvers: both direct dense methods and direct and iterative methods for the solution of sparse problems. Algorithmic and practical implementation aspects will be covered. 3. Illustrate the modeling of problems from physics and engineering in terms of partial differential equations (PDEs), and their numerical discretization using finite difference, finite element, and spectral approximation. 4. Various software tools will be surveyed and used. This will include PETSc, Sca/LAPACK, MATLAB, and some tools and techniques for scientific debugging and performance analysis. 5
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Lect00-intro - CS 594 007 Wednesdays 1:30 4:30 CS 594 007...

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