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One more time- How do you motivate employees
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Unformatted text preview: . 3 3 'I. i pp. 5- 'C / ': , . - P* - . 1- -llmr---... .Qp.4-2- , I j HBR CLASSIC I I One More. Time: I 1 How Do You Motivate j 3 I Employees. I ; by Frederick Herzberg I i i How many articles, books, specchcs, and work- i plcxity and difficulty involved in setting up and ad- ! shops have plcaded plaintively, "How do I get an i ministering an incentive system. Show the person? ' : employee to do what I want?" This means a costly uaining propram. We need a j I The psychology of motivation is tremendously ; simple way. j complcx, and what has bccn unraveled with any Every audience contains thc "dircct action" man- i i degree of assurance is small indced. But the dismal ager who shouts, "Kick the person!" Arid this t p e I : ratio of knowledge to speculation has not damp- . of manager is right. The surcst and lelst circumio- I ' i ened the cnthusiasrn for ncw forms of snake oil that i cuted way of getting someone to do s o n e t k g is to j i arc constantly coming on the market, many of I administer a kick in the pants -to give what nicnt : I them with acadcmic testimonials. Doubtless this ; be called the K.ITA. i article will have no depressing impact on the mar- , There are various forms of. U T A , a d here arc ; I ket for snake oil, but sincc the ideas expressed in it ; some of them: . i have been tested in many corporations and other or- Negative physical KIT*. This is a Lirera! applica- ganizations, it will help -I hope -to redress the im- i tion of the term and was frequently used in the j balance in the aforementioned ratio. I past. It has, however, three major drawbacks: (1) it I 1 is inelegant; (2) it contradicts the precious image oi / HARVARD BUSINESS R E M W September-October 1987 Copyright 8 1987 by the President and Fellows of Hannrd College. AU rights reserved. $ 'Motivating' with KITA i/ Ln lectures to industry on the problem, I have found that the audiences are anxious for quick and practical answers, so I will begin with a straightfor- ward, practical formula for moving people. What is the simplest, surest, and most direct way of someone to do something? ~ ~ k ! ~~t if the person responds that he or she does not want to do then that for P ~ Y ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ @ ~ ~ t' deternine the reason lor such the person? The response that he Or she understand You1 aild now an expert in communica- tion methods has to be brought in to show you how to get through. Give the person a monetary incen- benevolence that most organizations cherish; and j (3) since it is a physical attack, it directly stimu- j lates the autonomic nervous system, and this often I To mark the 65th birthday of the Harvard Business Re- view, it's appropriate to republish as a "Classic" one of I its landmark articles. Frederick Herzberg's contribution has sold more than 1.2 million reprints since itspublica- tion in the January-February 1968 issue. BY some 300,000 copies over the runner-up, that is the largest sale of any of fie *ousands of dcles that have ever pemed between HBRoS covers. Frederick Henberg. Djs. pemed between HBRoS covers....
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