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013_B10_123105_jpod101 - Lesson#10 Last Episode of the Year...

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Lesson #10 2006/12/31- Last Episode of the Year! By: Japanesepod101.com Oomisoka ɾ͓͓Έ͔ͦɾେր೔ — New Year's Eve Kouhaku uta gassen ɾ͜͏͸͘͏͕ͨͬͤΜɾߚനՎ߹ઓ Battle of the sexes singing competition (rough translation). Girls vs. the guys, with all types of singers from J-pop to J-rapp to Enka- traditional Japanese songs. Broadcast every year. Toshi koshi soba ɾͱͦ͜͠͠͹ ɾ ೥ӽ͠ڶഴ buckwheat noodles eaten on New Year's Eve (before the strike of midnight!) year-
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