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2006/1/7 JCC #1 Coming-of-Age Day By: Japanesepod101.com Today Japanesepod101.com proudly presents the first installment of Japanese Culture Class (JCC)! Culture is a crucial part of any language, so in order to bring you up to speed, we thought long and hard about the best way to do so. After brainstorming long and hard, our diligent staff came up with JCC! These episodes are carefully constructed to appeal to both students of Japanese as well as those interested in Japanese culture! In fact, they are perfect for anyone interested in Japan! In today's episode, we introduce Coming-of-Age Day, held on the second Monday of January, and associated terminology.
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Unformatted text preview: Seijin no hi ɾ͍ͤ͡Μͷͻɾ੒ਓͷ೔ɾ Coming-of-Age Day / Adult’s Day Seijin shiki ɾ͍ͤ͡Μ͖͠ɾ੒ਓࣜɾ Coming-of-Age Ceremony Kimono ɾ͖΋ͷɾண෺ɾ Kimono Furisode ɾ;ΓͦͰɾৼକ Long-sleeved kimono worn by single women Obi ɾ͓ͼɾଳ Belt for Kimono Zouri ɾͧ͏Γɾ૲ཤ Japanese sandals Tabi ɾͨͼɾ଍ା Japanese socks Hakama ɾ͸͔·ɾއ Ceremonial skirt/ Formal men’s divided skirt/ Japanese kilt Geta ɾ͛ͨɾԼବ Japanese wooden footgear Benkyou ni narimashita. ɾ ΂Μ͖ΐ͏ʹͳΓ·ͨ͠ɻɾษڧʹ੒Γ·ͨ͠ɻ I learned something. Benkyou ɾ΂Μ͖ΐ͏ɾษڧɾ to study / to learn...
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