034_J3_012106_jpod10 - UTCE University Testing Center Examination JCC#3(Japanese Culture Class By JapanesePod101.com Today on top of the largest

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Unformatted text preview: UTCE - University Testing Center Examination! JCC #3 (Japanese Culture Class) 2006/1/21 By: JapanesePod101.com Today, January 21, 2006, on top of the largest snowfall in 5 years in Tokyo, senior high school students and ryuunen across Japan had to endure the UTCE, University Testing Center Examination. Wherever you are enjoy your weekend, as students taking this exam will be going through one of the most stressful two-day periods of their lives. 1. (0:19) Dai san kai nihon bunka lessun Third Japanese Culture Class 2. (1:58) Daigaku nyuushi sentaa shiken National Center Test for University Admissions / University Testing Center Examination (UTCE) 3. (2:44) Daigaku 4. (3:01) Nyuushi 5. (3:27) Sentaa 6. (4:18) Shiken 7. (7:44;9:06) Aoyama Gakuin 8. (9:38) Ao 9. (9:41) Yama 10. (10:41) Keio 11. (11:05) Toukyou daigaku 12. (11:48) Chiri 13. (11:58) Rekishi 14. (12:11) Kokugo 15. (12:38) Koku 16. (12:44) Go 17. (12:55) Nihongo 18. (13:14) Eigo 19. (13:25) Suugaku 20. (16:25) Yobikou country or national - language - Japanese - English mathematics, math (also can be used as scary!) prep school, preparatory school, cram school geography - history - blue - mountain Keio University center exam Aoyama School University / College entrance examination 21. (17:56) Rouninsei 22. (19:14) Ryuunen at university student who failed a school entrance left back, repeat a year, repeat a course, stay exam in a particular year and is preparing for the next one. ...
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