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Unformatted text preview: Lesson 34 Accompanying Informal Japanese Attention! This is informal Japanese intended for intimate friends! This Japanese is NOT suitable for conversations with professors, formal business situations, formal situations, talking with strangers, and other situations we'll leave to your discretion. We at JapanesePod101.com feel that it is important to familiarize you with informal Japanese, but please use sensible judgment when using it! Remember in this conversation this is a couple living together. Notice how the polite form is replaced by the dictionary form and informal negative present form. In addition desu is dropped following I-adjectives, and it becomes following nouns, such as Saturday ( as and ). Furthermore, sometimes particles such are excluded! Please compare the PDFs side by side. Making the formal into the informal! ATTENTION PLEASE TURN ON THE CORRECTION HISTORY FUNCTION (Is that the name? Sorry, don't have English windows.) FOUND UNDER TOOLS TOOLS->CORRECTION HISTORY->OPTION->RED LINE. You can then see the modifications to the original conversation! ...
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