class notes - Development of the music industry 1900 to...

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Unformatted text preview: Development of the music industry 1900 to 1920 January 7, 2010 Teacher Me High school How she experienced music: Country music- Dad Rock- Abba-Dad A lot of radio: mainstream Cassette tapes, recorded songs from the radio, made mixed tapes Collected music from the library Would read billboard-top 100 countdown Walkman Bruce springstein-born in the usa, first cassette Found U2, still loves U2 First concert was in grade 9 Hesitant to adopt to cds, because it didnt give her the ability to download her own songs from the radio, or borrow cassettes How I experienced How is it different? Not hesitant to adopt new technology We have a greater accessibility, music is a lot more accessible Youtube- can discover music form anywhere around the world Music industry less dependent on infiltrating our choices More illegality Music more economized Music more portable, own listening space with ipods Share music with friends and other people Going to clubs, listening to music Music culture is clearly different what were the primary ways people experiences music during this time?- people played their own music- people listen to live music (concert, musical theatre) what was Tin Pan Alley?- Became an important part of the music industry- Sheet music became the main commodity of the music industry- Music publishers and song writers- They all ended up in NYC in the area called tin pan alley= center of the music industry- Tin Pan Alley songwriters: Irving Berling Gershwins Hogie Carmichael Scott Joplin Jerome Kern Cole Porter Two types of music persisted through to 1920: 1. Victorian style ballads and waltz songs Who was Irving Berlin NYC, Eastern European Jew Left home and sang in the streets and bars Tin pan alley found him and plugged their songs So he san tin pan alley songs and so the public would want to buy the tin pan alley sheet music Tin pan alley discovered his lyric writing talent Wrote lyrics,sheet music and melodies How was pop music written in tin pan alley?- It was a collaboration- People would together put together lyrics and melodies What is the significant of the music being distributed by sheet music?- Usually it was oral music, not written down- So now sheet music was a commodity and was being distributed around America and giving a standard to the songs- This isnt really representative because it is an oral and can change from person to person and can add melodies, harmonies 2. Ragtime: vigorous new style created by African American musicians Style of early jazz (note jazz is not always considered popular music) Characterized by a syncopated rhythm in the melody and a steady accompaniment piano prominent left hand solid beat right hand started on the upbeat=syncopation popular composer: Scott Joplin (the entertainer) 1920-1940- jazz was considered to be part of pop music...
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class notes - Development of the music industry 1900 to...

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