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Fathers of Rock n Roll

Fathers of Rock n Roll - Fats Domino Piano-parents...

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FATHERS OF ROCK’N’ROLL Artist Instrument Songwriter? Examples (2)? Influences Stage persona Vocal and instrumental style Chuck Berry - guitar -Creates a vocabulary of licks(combin ation of strumming chords and single not melodies) - His licks become important for guitar players of the future -Maybelline(song) -school days -songs targeted for teen audiences -country - duck walk(like Russian dance) Little Richard piano -stands up and dances on piano -dresses flamboyant -very percussive -had the most creative vocals (hoots, hollars, cries, shrieks)
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Unformatted text preview: Fats Domino Piano-parents weren’t scared of him-Blueberry Hill-Blue Monday-from the boogie woogie style-dance music- still appeals to the rock and role mode/teen audience -sits down-traditional style Bo Diddley- guitar-one chord-rhythm guitar (willy and the Bo Diddley hand jive) Jerry Lee Lewis piano-Fast, (like little Richard)-Showman-Stomping on piano-Very percussive guys audience-not a sex symbol Buddy Holly Elvis Presley Girls audience-sex symbol...
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