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MUAR392 – Discussion Questions (Tien Version) The questions posted in this file are to be used to direct your reading, incite discussion in class, and possibly for examination purposes. Please be prepared to discuss any questions I have posted here. There will not be questions for every chapter. I will post new questions on a regular basis and give you as much lead time as possible. PART ONE – BEFORE 1950 1. What does Paul Whiteman's discussion of dance fads indicate about the role this music played in society? How did technology change his music? -music as dance accompaniment -music has to keep up with the latest dance fads -technology difficulties -> instrument change (double bass -> tuba, banjo as tempo), orchestra modification to converge sound in diaphragm 2. What racial stereotypes are at work in the Freedman article? According to Kolodin, how were black and white musicians treated differently? -valuation of black musicians over white ones, whites learn from blacks -black associated with body and spontaneity -white associated with mind, calculation and femininity 4. Where in this article can you sense a condescending tone to race and hillbilly musics? -condescension when looking at success of music originating from outside NY professional music circuit 5. Look at the lyrics for the two songs that would have been performed by white entertainers in blackface (“The Travelling Coon” and “The Voodoo Man”). What do they indicate about white people’s views of black people at this time? Then look at the lyrics for the song, “Put It Right Here or Keep It Out There," meant to be performed by black classic blues singers. What does it say about black society of the early 1900s? How would you describe the use of language and metaphor in this song? “The Travelling Coon” -blacks are thieves, condescending term “coon” “The Voodoo Man” -black as occult magic users, condescending term “coon” “Put It Right Here or Keep It Out There” -“it” used to designate both money and the man being kicked out by his wife
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7. Describe the "mythology" surrounding country blues artist Robert Johnson and his musical skill. -his skill comes from a pact made with the devil -his attraction for women led to his downfall 8. The guitar has been the most prominent instrument in North American popular music for several decades. T-Bone Walker is one of the main players who instigated this trend. What were some of his guitar playing innovations? -splits while playing -play leads behind his head 9. How did Louis Jordan's early career as a minstrel carry over into his performance style as a bandleader? (from "Down Beat") Louis Jordan wanted to be connected to the black audience for vitality in his music, but he also wanted to appeal to white audiences for greater commercial success. What did he do to appeal to both audiences? (from Shaw article)? -vaudeville-influenced lyrics
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MUAR 392 - Questions - MUAR392 Discussion Questions (Tien...

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