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Quiz Markers for country: o Instrumentation: fiddle, banjo, guitar(steel), mandolin (heavy on the strings),homemade instruments o Vocal: clean, diction, yodel o Singing style: high pitched especially if there are harmonies o Lyrics: (about) harships, poverty, rural, theme (country and western and not pop) farm, romanticization of poverty o Rythym: very straight, no note bending( as opposed to jazz)
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Unformatted text preview: 10 ques, mc Not pieces on webct Recognize different concepts o Syncopation o Syllabic verses o Mellismatic o Crooner vs belter o Sweet vs hot jazz o Basic music instruments o Swinging vs straight beat o Which characteristics are markers for which genres Country How is it different with race music and the blues Call and response Guitar stuff from class...
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