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HW5 - Name Section TA Linguistics 1 H OMEWORK 5 1...

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. Name Section & TA Linguistics 1 H OMEWORK 5 1. Paraphrase the following sentences in two ways to show that you understand the ambiguity involved. (3 points each) Example: Smoking grass can be nauseating. i. Putting grass in a pipe and smoking it can make you sick. ii. Fumes from smoldering grass can make you sick. a. Dan finally decided on the boat. b. The design has big squares and circles. c. That sheepdog is too hairy to eat. d. Terry loves his mother and so do I. e. They said she left yesterday. 2. For each of the underlined phrases below, identify its role and briefly explain the reason for your decision. (2 points each) a. John saw the star through his binoculars . 1
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b. Sue threw the dog the bone. c. The professor informed the students of the error. d. Joe kicked every stone he saw on his way home. e. Mary hit the ground with a hammer. f. Sam received a note from his grandmother. g. Bert hallucinated spots on the wall. h. Kim moved the dresser across the room.
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