HW8 - . Name Section & TA Linguistics 1 H OMEWORK 8: B...

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Unformatted text preview: . Name Section & TA Linguistics 1 H OMEWORK 8: B ASQUE This homework requires you to delve deeply into one particular language, Basque. Basque is an indigenous lan- guage of Northern Spain and Southern France, unrelated to the Romance languages of the region, and has a very interesting history. If youre curious about its history, you should read The Basque History of the World by Mark Kurlansky, or the few pages Ive posted on the website from Jansens Beginners Basque (Hippocrene, 2002). These data were drawn from Jansens book, as well as de Rijks Standard Basque: a Progressive Grammar (MIT Press, 2008). 1. Morphology I:-ro a. argi clear, bright g. argiro clearly b. berri new h. berriro recently c. oso whole k. ororo completely d. zintzo dutiful, honest l. zintzoro dutifully, honestly e. handi big, great m. handiro on a great scale f. maite beloved, dear n. maitaro lovingly i. What type of morpheme is-ro ? Describe it to the best of your ability (bound/free? prefix/suffix? derivational/inflectional? what does it mean?). (2 points) ii. Now look at the data below. Are they compatible with your above characterization of-ro ? Why or why not? (4 points) o. adiskide friend q. adiskidero in a friendly way p. asti leisure r. astiro leisurely, slowly iii. Do you think that-ro is an instance of accidental homophony, or do you think that there is only one-ro in Basque? Explain your answer. (6 points) 1 2. Morphology II: Locatives Locatives are types of roles (like agent), and appears as a case suffix in Basque. locative type form gloss Inessive herrian at the village; in the village Elative herritik out of the village, from the village Allative herrira to the village Terminal herriraino as far as the village, up to the village Tendential herrirantz toward the village Inessive elizan at the church Elative elizatik from the church Allative elizara to the church Terminal elizaraino as far as the church, up to the church Tendential elizarantz toward the church Inessive ibaian at the river, in the river Elative ibaitik from the river Allative...
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HW8 - . Name Section & TA Linguistics 1 H OMEWORK 8: B...

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