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Summarize your results and discuss your opinion about the level of responsibility you believe society holds for caring for the aging and disabled. Are these two separate issues? When should the government step in? How much is the responsibility of religious charities, individuals, and society as a whole? Write a 200 to 300-word summary of your conclusions. Post your final draft as a Microsoft ® Word attachment. My score was 19, the level of responsibility that society holds for the aging and disabled should be higher for family members. If the family can care for their loved ones then it should be the families’ responsibility to provide services to accommodate their loved ones. The Government needs to have a better plan in place to help the people who cannot help themselves. Yes I do feel that these are two separate issues because the Government
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Unformatted text preview: usually only take care of certain portions of the disabled and ageing, where as the society cannot do as much. The Government should step in when the disabled cannot afford to foot themselves for equipment and services needed. There is minimal responsibility for the society and charities because they can only do so much. I am pretty sure in most cases the community and charity organizations will be able to help when needed but only so far. The level of family support and responsibility should be an option before going to the government for help, this will help the Government to be able to decide the severity of each persons needs and provide services to benefit the right people. A lot of people normally abuse the system and make it hard on those who really need Government Assistance....
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