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cost per outcome - business then it would be totally...

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Evelyn Harris HSM 260 Checkpoint: Cost per outcome Cost per-output and cost per-outcome calculations are valuable to human services agencies because it let’s them know their overhead for services put out to clients. It also let’s them know whether or not they would need donations to continue. The cost per out-put sets a margin and protects the profit so that it will not suffer and in other words the bosses won’t have to suffer from buying their personal items. That was just a little humor, but as far as the assignment goes, in human service agencies if it’s a not for profit
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Unformatted text preview: business then it would be totally different. During the recession there are a lot of services offered by human service agencies that depend on public and or private funds to help keep programs running. Many of the services accept donations to help fund or bring in revenue. The value of monies towards the donations would get their actual worth if the cost per- output can be distributed evenly within the budget. Both cost per outcome/output receive pay based on how many people they help and the bosses can receive bonuses or commission from the job minus the cost....
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