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1 CEE 201 Homework Handout 11, Spring 2008 Due April 8, 2008 1. Re-do Problem 1 from Homework handout 4, using the integer programming method to determine which of the projects should be funded to maximize the overall net benefit. Here is the relevant part of the original Homework 4 problem ( do not do the italicized portion now; you’ve already done that): `````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` The Engineering Department of the town of Collier Bluff is currently trying to decide how to budget for civil works for the next fiscal year. The list of projects as prepared by the City Engineering staff is given as follows. All amounts are in thousands of dollars, present value using a common analysis period. The left column shows initial cost; the right column shows the stream of annual benefits minus annual costs, brought back to present value using an appropriate interest rate. (Therefore, the right column does not incorporate the initial cost in any way.) As their descriptions imply, the projects, of course, are
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