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DonnaMcNeill_AC116unit10 - position more efficiently I use...

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Donna McNeill Accounting II has given me the confidence I need to further my academic path. This course has helped me to clarify my goals in life also, the career and degree I would like to attain. I believe this course to be challenging, interesting and fun. I do not plan on becoming an accountant however; it is a great field that offers a chance at a successful career. I do hope to attain a second bachelor’s degree in accounting after I have attainted my first in business or human services. I have yet to figure out which degree I want to attain. I have love for accounting and this class has helped me to form the conclusion that I want to have accounting as only a hobby and not a career. I have the passion and I’m interested in doing many things but accounting is not first on the list. This course has allowed me to grow professionally. I currently work for one the largest banks in America. After taking this course I now have some more insight and can operate in my
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Unformatted text preview: position more efficiently. I use accounting principles in my job everyday and now I have a greater understanding of accounting and how it affects my job. I ‘am now more qualified and also, a better candidate for promotions. As a student I’ am better prepared for my next course at Kaplan which is Payroll Accounting. I entered the business world quite some time ago but the key concepts and topics in this course that has made me a stronger professional in my current industry is learning how important journalizing which is the foundation of accounting. Learning how to do certain methods how helped me greatly such as, straight-line, Declining-balance and unit-of-production methods. Because I now know how businesses operate their books I can now sell them more bank products that they may need to help them operate more successfully....
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DonnaMcNeill_AC116unit10 - position more efficiently I use...

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