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Math 401 wk#1 - Math Elementary Statistics(11th ed Wk#1 Due...

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Math “Elementary Statistics (11th ed)” Wk #1 Due Friday, 04/02/2010 Instructions 1.) Section 2-2 #22 & Section 2-3 #14 create the Frequency Distribution table as instructed in our chapter. DO NOT use the frequency table generator in STATDISK (that function is for something different). Show the chart in your WORD doc. Use STATDISK to create the graph, Cut and paste the graph into your WORD doc. Section 2-2. Problem 22 22. Generator Voltage Measurements. Reflect to Data Set 13 in Appendix Band use the 40 voltage measurements from the generator. Construct a frequency distribution with seven classes. Begin with lower class limit of 123.9 volts, and use a class with of 0.20 volt. Using a loose interpretation of the relevant criteria, does the result appear to have a normal distribution? Compare the frequency of distribution to the result from the Exercise 21. 1. Section 2-3. Problem 14 2. 14 . Generator Voltage Measurements. Use the frequency distribution from Exercise 22 in Section 2-2 to construct a histogram. Using a very loose interpretation of the relevant criteria,
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