Chapter 9 notes

Chapter 9 notes - to approach her(thus increasing her...

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Chapter 9 notes Periodic Table characteristics - Similar elements are grouped together - Metal is solid and a good conductor of heat(higher melting temp)/ electricity, nonmetals are the opposite - Physical and chemical properties are largely determined by the valence electrons - Metal (jacked) tends to lose carbs (e) and non metals (fat ppl) tend to eat more carbs (e) - Al is the only p block metal that forms an ion w/ noble gas config Al3+ - The ns subshell is emptied first and then (n-1)d subshell Aufbau procress Need to know: - How periodic table is organized (alkali metal, halogens etc) - How does the type of bonds relate to its strength? - Why is EA an exothermic process? Atomic Radius - Atomic radius and metallic character are the same direction * As buff people get more carbs their (atomic radius) vein size gets smaller, but as they gain more lean weight, their veins get bigger. Screening A douchebag who cockblocks you from a hotgirl, but as you get further away, you can spot more gaps
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Unformatted text preview: to approach her (thus increasing her attraction to you) explains why the orbital gets smaller in atomic radius as it increases electrons Ionic radius-more negative = bigger badass ex. Arnold -more positive = smaller like brent applies to isoelectronic electrons too Ionization energy/ Electronic Affinity/ nonmetallic character Opposite of atomic radius, same direction as EA (EA must be gaseous) Increases from left to right, and from down to up *Li is more likely than Be to gain an electron to become a full S shell. Flourine is the most EA element, H is the most IE element *high pos. EA means it is very UNLIKELY to gain another e unless energy is provided DRAW IE/ATOMIC RADIUS/ EA trends * Valence electrons is outer electrons, huge jump in IE means that its valance electrons are gone. Based on IE part B *P has a higher IE than S because its half filled p orbital is more stable Ionization energy of Cl vs Li REVIEW 9.7...
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Chapter 9 notes - to approach her(thus increasing her...

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