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CH 8 study guide - periodic table as necessary Orbital...

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CH 8 study guide: Electric magnetic waves are caused by? How are c and v related? Cons/des interferences causes what? Colors are associated with what kind of energy levels? Each n is associated with one _____? E=hv explain Increase in intensity ____ the amount of photo electrons. Why does n become less negative as N increase? Explain the smaller and smaller gap jumps too. explain N, L, and ML and their relationship w/ each other/significance Aubau principle: explain Hunds rule explain What is the electronic config for Pr, Kr, Sc, Cr, Ag Name the subshells Mastering chem. Quantum Numbers and Electron Identification: List a possible set of four quantum numbers ( , , , ) in order, for the highest energy electron in gallium, . Refer to the
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Unformatted text preview: periodic table as necessary. Orbital filling diagram: How many orbitals are there in the third shell n=3 Quantum no. rules What is the only possible value of for an electron in an s orbital? Electron Configurations of Atoms and Ions What is the ground-state electron configuration of the oxide ion ? Which element has the following configuration: ? 8.6 part d How many orbitals have the values = 4, = 3, and = -2? total no.of orbital’s in n=1? 8.18 Part A Calculate the maximum and minimum wavelength lines, in nanometers, in this lyman series. The Lyman series of the hydrogen spectrum can be represented by the equation (where = 2, 3, . ..) What value of corresponds to a spectral line at 93.1 ?...
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CH 8 study guide - periodic table as necessary Orbital...

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