Outline - Psychology 213 - Introduction to Cognition When:...

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Psychology 213 -- Introduction to Cognition When : Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2.35pm -- 3:55pm Where : Leacock Building, Room 132 COURSE SYLLABUS Instructor : Dr. Jelena Ristic Office: N7/13 Stewart Biology Building Phone: 514 398 2091 Email: jelena.ristic@mcgill.ca Office Hours: by email appointment only Guest Instructor : Janeen Loehr Office: Stewart Biology Building, Room W8/4 Phone: TBA Email: janeen.loehr@mcgill.ca Office Hours: by email appointment only Teaching Assistants (all offices located in Stewart Biology Building) Grp Name Email Student LastName Office OfficeHrs 1 Audrey Delcenserie audrey.delcenserie@mail.mcgill.ca Aas-Coo S3/8B T 12.30-1:30p 2 Selma Hamdani selma.hamdani@mail.mcgill.ca Cos-Had N8/6 M 1.30-2.30p 3 Michael Klein michael.klein@mail.mcgill.ca Hal-Lim W2/3A Th 4.00-5.00p 4 Caitlin Mouri caitlin.mouri@mail.mcgill.ca Lin-Per N7/35 M 10.00-11:00a 5 Meghan Zvaigzne meghan.zvaigzne@mail.mcgill.ca Pet-Tex W8/4 W 2.00-3.00p 6 Marie Lippeveld marie.lippeveld@mail.mcgill.ca Tha-Zha W8/4 T 1.30-2.30p Course Description : This course is designed to provide you with a broad introduction to the study of human cognition and its basic processes including perception, attention, memory, language, and intelligence. The course will be centered on understanding the links between the human behavior and underlying brain mechanisms and will draw from the findings obtained by interdisciplinary research methodologies that include behavioral studies of human performance, studies of healthy and injured brain function, as well as animal investigations. Emphasis will be placed on understanding the basic concepts and developing critical thinking. Prerequisites: One previous course in Psychology. Elementary knowledge of general psychological concepts is necessary for the successful mastery of this material. Students who have not completed the required prerequisites will not be permitted to register for the course.
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Psychology 213 Syllabus, Page 2 Required Readings (1) Textbook (Available at the Bookstore): (2010). Cognition. Fourth Edition : Oxford University Press Canada. ISBN: 978-0-19-543032-5. Optional : You can access the student study guide free of charge on OUP Canada website : http://www.oupcanada.com/higher_education/companion/psychology/9780195430325/student_resources.html Or go to: http://www.oupcanada.com/higher_education/companion/psychology/9780195430325.html and click on Student Resources. (2) Custom reading material (Available at Printing Services, Room RS-49, Redpath Library):
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Outline - Psychology 213 - Introduction to Cognition When:...

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