anthro 128 week 3

anthro 128 week 3 - (1 Capuchin monkeys are omnivorous...

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(1) Capuchin monkeys are omnivorous which means they may eat a variety of different kinds of foods. A capuchin monkey’s diet is largely mad up of items that have to be bludgeoned, torn apart, disarmed, or killed. Although capuchins will eat fruit, they enjoy a good challenge and will not pass up the chance to rip a tree apart in search of insects, investigate a tree hole, or harass an animal that they may potentially eat. Howler monkeys in contrast have a much simpler diet. These monkeys eat leaves and fruit that can easily be attained without processing or using hands in some cases. (2) Capuchin monkeys face a variety of difficulties when trying to obtain food. These difficulties include fighting off beggars when one monkey has a piece of meat or trying to manage new techniques for eating certain types of insects without being bitten or stung. In regards to beggars, a monkey will usually tolerate this behavior but if the beggar becomes too demanding he or she may receive a gentle nip or push indicating that this particular behavior has become annoying. In terms of insects, monkeys will experiment with different methods of obtaining their potential food. When dealing with ants a monkey
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anthro 128 week 3 - (1 Capuchin monkeys are omnivorous...

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